Director, Cinematographer, Editor: Wren Rene
Producer: Courtney Bowles, Mark Strandquist

Paulette Carrington, Starr Granger, and Tamika Bell were sentenced to die in Pennsylvania when they were teenagers. After decades in prison - over 90 years collectively - they were released after the US Supreme court ruled that sentencing youth to life without parole was unconstitutional. This short film poetically depicts pieces of their transition home from prison.

This film is part of a multi-media campaign uplifting women and trans people serving death by incarceration in Pennsylvania called Life Cycles Toward Freedom, a collaboration with Let's Get Free and the Women Lifer's Resume Project.

Wide Open was directed by Wren Rene in collaboration with the People's Paper Co-op with guidance by Faith Bartley and Debbie Africa. Soundtrack by Shuggie Otis called "Freedom Flight".

This film was financially supported by The Open Society Foundation, The Pittsburgh Foundation, The Gender Justice Fund, and The Village of Arts and Humanities.


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