WREN RENE is a second-generation storyteller working in Philadelphia, New York, and Boston. 

His central interest is in creating humanist portraits that push the viewer to find commonality with the subject. Based primarily in documentary and vérité styles, he sees visual storytelling as a means to forge connections between the subject and the viewer. He is most driven by collaborative projects that pull viewers out of their comfort zone and into a place where dynamic and radical change can take place. Wren is committed to using photography and filmmaking to break down the intersectional barriers between race, class, gender, and sexuality.

He has led youth photography and filmmaking workshops in the U.S. and abroad with Putney Student Travel, National Geographic Student Expeditions, and the Village of Arts and Humanities. His work has appeared on AfroPunk, Philadelphia Printworks, WXPN, and Nat Geo Student Expeditions. In 2017 he was a fellow with the Media Mobilizing Project. 

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